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The Disco Biscuits Release ‘The Classical Set’ on Vinyl

Disco Biscuits - Classical Set

From Disco Biscuits
“On behalf of the entire Disco Biscuits organization, I couldn’t be happier to announce the official release of THE CLASSICAL SET….on vinyl (now available for preorder HERE ). This special afternoon show was performed on Aug 16, 2003 at a festival we put together in the mountains of Trade, Tennessee called “TranceMission.” The tracks consist of arrangements of some of the most famous classical pieces of music, mixed with some Biscuits classical-inspired originals. I vividly recall the band tearing through the sheet music of the conductor’s score and crafting our own unique four piece orchestration that still stayed true to the written music.

Though we have played some of these songs very rarely over the years, this is the only time we have performed them as one complete set, and that fluidity made it an instant fan favorite since the day it was first performed. An audience mic recording was the only thing available to document this performance…until now. Earlier in the year, the multi-tracked, grouped stems (individual recordings of each instrument) were discovered, and we knew immediately we had to have them polished for an official archive release. The stems were sent out for mixing and mastering to Jon Altschiller, who has the incredible talent of bringing live Biscuits performances back to life like he did with the releases Wind at Four to Fly, Rocket 3 and the TransFusion Radio series. The new mix was then sent out to one of the best mastering engineers in the country for vinyl, Scott Hull, who expertly de-noised and optimized the release for vinyl. This astonishing audio was then pressed to high quality, virgin 180g vinyl by RTI, Americas finest vinyl production facility pressing plant.

Why do I tell you all this? Because the results absolutely blew me away. I have listened to this recording many, many times, especially throughout the mixing and mastering process. We just wanted to get this release out there already. But when I sat down and heard the vinyl master for the first time, I was astonished. I couldn’t believe how captivating the recording was, and how immersed I became in the show; a show I had heard so many times before. There was new life to it. It was breathing. A portal back in time to that summer afternoon in 2003.

This limited edition, four side, official release has been set for November 28, but we are accepting pre-order reservations HERE that will ship out by mid-November. The release contains original artwork by Gwen AP, liner notes by Jon Lesser, a special bonus track on side 4, a download card redeemable for a free digital version of the album, and, for those who purchase via the pre-order before the end of October, a bonus item from our merch store.”

Roll over Beethoven…we’re rocking in 2 by 2.
-Aron Magner

The Classical Set – TranceMission, Trade, TN – August 16, 2003
1. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (5:47)
2. The Devil’s Waltz (10:12)
3. Sabre Dance (2:14)
4. The Thieving Magpie (8:20)
5. The Overture (14:08)
6. In The Hall of the Mountain King (4:15)
7. Waltz Of The Flowers (6:22)

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