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Concert & Festival Videos

Concert and Festival Videos


Here are the best videographers, websites, and media companies producing and streaming live concert footage.

Austin City Limits TV – “live concerts from many of the world’s most acclaimed, accomplished and pioneering talent.”

Beat-Club – “Unforgettable hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.”

Camp Bisco (Vimeo) – “Festival footage from Camp Bisco!”

Concert TV – “an on demand music video service dedicated to delivering the most exhilarating concerts featuring the most well-known bands and artists.”

Dave Matthews Band (Hulu) – “A collection of music videos & live performances from the Dave Matthews Band.” – “Re-Experience the music.”

HiddenRelicJamz – “Videos from local Midwest musicians.”

iClips Network – “live concert broadcasts, archived concerts from all your favorite artists, original web shows, and more.”

JAH Phone – “Jam blog run from a phone.”

MyTallTripod – “We aim to provide High Quality Videos for your enjoyment.”

Nugs.TV – “delivers live music and video downloads, CDs,DVDs, Blu-Rays, and pay-per-view webcasts for over 1,000 artists”

NoCoast.TV – “We document life with a unique artistic eye. Let us tell your story.” – “LiveStreaming Phish & Phish videos.”

Rage View Studios – “Ragin videos for your viewing pleasure.”

RecTV – “REC TV is a channel to view for FREE HD Videos.”

Rex-A-Vision – “Waaay better than reality!”

Staunchy  – “Videos by Jeremy Sewell.”

TourGigs – “an in-house production and distribution company that makes live concert videos available for purchase within days of the actual filming.”

YouTube – Music Discovery Project – A new YouTube music discovery project that lets you explore new music by just searching for an artist.


Festival Blogs

Festival Blogs

Planning to attend an upcoming festival? Check out these blogs to stay informed and help you prepare for the awesomeness. – “independent, up-to-the-minute live music festival coverage.” – “The #1 place for the best festival camping tips and advice.” – “News – Rumors – Coverage – Photos”

Festival Survival Guide – “Dedicated to making your music festival experience an awesome one!”

Festy Fix – “We’ve got all your music festival news.”

Music Festival Junkies – “a central hub of coverage for music festivals.”

The Festival Guy – “Dreamer, Burner, and lover of music of all kinds.” – “Living and Breathing Art, Music, and Joy”


Live Broadcasts

Live Broadcasts

Watch streaming videos and find upcoming live broadcasts of your favorite bands and festivals.

AXS – “Life lived live!”

DeadVids – ” 24/7 streaming Grateful Dead concert video.”

HDNet Concerts – “top concerts from the world’s biggest bands & artists” – “Hoodstream brings Phish live to your couch.” – “broadcasts and archives live concerts, festivals, and events.”

Lapcast TV – “providing you with a live broadcast over the Internet”

Palladia TV – “a state of the art, high-definition channel showcasing the best in music from today’s biggest artists.”

The Mousetrap – Indy’s premiere Jamband venue – “Live concert webcasts and on demand streams.”

TourGigs – “an in-house production and distribution company that makes live concert videos available for purchase within days of the actual filming.”


Live Music Downloads

Live Downloads

Looking for your latest live download fix? Download from these sites and score the most recent show. – “live concerts in a lossless, downloadable format”

Bandcamp – “a publishing platform for musicians.” – “community for sharing the live concert recordings”

Daytrotter – “Twenty-Five bands and over 100 new songs each week”

DMBLive – “DMBLIVE is the new home for all DMB music and media.” – “The online source for Live Roots Americana” – “Helping grow your music library one track at a time.”

Grateful Dead on – “Over 7,000 live shows” – “Listen, Buy, & Download live Incidents.” – “Download Live MP3s and FLACs” – “offers high quality, unedited soundboard recordings of select shows” – “downloads of almost every Widespread Panic show since 2005.” – “Official site for live downloads from Gov’t Mule concerts” – “powers the download services for several premium music download channels.” Free Stash – Free MP3’s from

SoundCloud – “an audio platform that enables sound creators to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds on the internet.”

1320 Records – “1320 Records (thirteen-twenty) is an independent label” – Umphrey’s McGee Live Recording Archive. – “one of the world’s largest online destinations for everything related to live music.”


Music Blogs

Music Blogs

The best blogs covering your favorite music, bands, and festivals in the music scene.

Brain Trust – “artists, media, and music professionals based in Boston.”

Coventry Music – “Phish Stuff, Party People, Lot Consultants, w00k Patrol.”

Crewlab – “conversations with artists, entrepreneurs, & other music industry pros”

Disciples of Sound – “another perspective among fellow Disciples of Sound”

Creative Solutions – “Keeping music alive!”

Dog Gone Blog – “Exploring the vast world of live music”

Festival Crashers – “an oasis for music lovers.” – “On tour. On time. Off the beaten path.”

I Live Music – “reviews, previews, articles, narratives, & more”

JAH Phone – “Jam blog run from a phone.” – “all aspects of the American jam band scene” – “Where fans unite.”

Jam Jive – “personal experiences with live music in and around Athens.”

Musically Promiscuous – “features bands that we follow” – “Phish, Dead, Umphrey’s and more” – “Phish Info, Facts and Updates” – “Mr. Miner’s Phish thoughts.” – “Your source for all things that rage. Properly.”

Rex-A-Vision – “Waaay better than reality!”

Scents and Subtle Sounds – “Brainchild of Jimmy Coulas…read all of my musings here.” – “Your source for (live) music reviews and coverage.” – “Blogging the world of the Grateful Dead.” – “Based in NYC & dedicated to discovering & sharing the best”

The Porch – “Love Pearl Jam? Me too.”

Tiny Rager – “110% addicted to seeing talented & dedicated musicians”

This Week On Lot – “weekly audio podcast about the live music scene & lot” – “Explore the Now…” – “Phish news, audio, videos, auctions — updated daily.”


Music Discovery

Music Discovery

“No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess.” – Isaac Newton

New_LineBreak – Download free songs from

New_LineBreak – “live concerts in a lossless, downloadable format”

New_LineBreak – “Part of the Rogue Network”


Bandcamp – “a publishing platform for musicians.”

New_LineBreak – “community for sharing the live concert recordings”


Daytrotter – “Twenty-Five bands and over 100 new songs each week”

New_LineBreak – “Helping grow your music library one track at a time.”


Grateful Dead on – “Over 7,000 live shows


Hidden Track ‘Stormy Monday’s

New_LineBreak – Free Music Downloads on


iTunes – “control a catalog of content for digital distribution.”

New_LineBreak – “powers the download services for several premium music download channels.”


SoundCloud – “an audio platform that enables sound creators to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds on the internet.”


1320 Records – “1320 Records (thirteen-twenty) is an independent label”


This Song Is Sick – “to make everyone’s music collection better!”

New_LineBreak – “ lets you listen to music at the same time with your friends.”


We Are Hunted – “The Online Music Chart”



Music News & Reviews

Online Magazines


Here is a list of our favorite weblogs and online magazine sites for the best and latest news, reviews & coverage of the jamband/festival scene.


Appalachian Jamwich – “Music and Art magazine for the jam fans, by the jam fans.” – “The Source For Jam Band Goodness”

Consequence of Sound – “devoted to the ever growing and always thriving worldwide music scene.”

Glide Magazine – a premier online entertainment resource.” – “The Grateful Web is all about you: fans, bands, representatives, venues, stores and everyone in between.”

Hidden Track – “For passionate music fans by passionate music fans. Hidden Track brings you fresh news stories, columns and features every day.”

Home Grown Music – “independent bands, representatives, venues, stores, fans and people like you all working together to improve our world through good music!” – “Where Heads Head”

Jam Band Friendly – “the place jam band community and festival heads visit online to see photos, read articles, learn about bands and find out who is playing around the country.” – Jamband News of Course

JamBase – “JamBase exists to connect music fans everywhere with the music they love.” – “Music News & Reviews, Contests and much more…”

Live For Live Music – “Do You Live For Live Music?” – “We dig concerts, festivals, and bands that know how to play live.”

LostInSound – “From a life in which every aspect of the day is a radical act of poetry and community emerges a documentation of that very life.” – “Our mission is to bring the reader the most relevant content related to the Live Music/Festival Scene.”

Nada Mucho – “an entertainment webzine focusing on music, movies, television, and more.”

NME Magazine – “The world’s number one source of music news” – set out to embrace the emerging technology of this era and the way our generation has grown to listen, appreciate and respect a larger variety of music and the art surrounding it.”

Relix – “RELIX is a premiere independent music magazine.”

Rocky Mountain Jams – “RMJ is published by a group of industry insiders, musicians , photographers, artists and media professionals.”

Rolling Stone – Magazine features music, album and artist news, movie reviews, political, economic and pop culture commentary, videos, photos, and more.

SPIN – “authoritative reporting, provocative interviews, and a discerning critical ear.”

Spinner – “Free CD Listening weekly, MP3 downloads and music news daily, plus exclusive interviews and live podcasts from music’s most influential artists.”

State of Mind – “State of Mind exists because a few people asked themselves this question: How come nobody’s talking about music as passionately as we feel about it?”

The Barn Presents – “a Chicago based blog and music community committed to enhancing and extending the live experience through innovative and original music related content”

The Untz – “the most relevant, accurate, and comprehensive, electronic music event, artist, promoter, and venue website” – “building on the vow to showcase the traditions present within modern rock n’ roll, while staying true to the ideals of America’s cherished recording history.”

This Song Is Sick – “to make everyone’s music collection better!” – “The ultimate website for classic rock fans” – “Bringing you the latest in live music and good music.”


Musician Resources

Musician Resources

Check out theses resources and tools from the web to help you and your band get more gigs, sell more albums, and improve your online presence.

New_LineBreak – “Sell your music & merch directly to your fans.”


Big Cartel – “Big Cartel is a simple shopping cart for artists. “

New_LineBreak – “The best independent music store on the web.”


Future of Music Coalition – “Education, Research and Advocacy for Musicians”

New_LineBreak – “helps you reach new people on Facebook and Twitter Free.”


iTunes – “control a catalog of content for digital distribution.”


Moozar – “the way to (financially) “reward” artists online.”

New_LineBreak – “a site that lists current opportunities for musicians.”

New_LineBreak – “Help musicians get better, deals, & fans.”

New_LineBreak – “marketing and promotional service tool for musicians”

New_LineBreak – “Get exposure building your fan base and selling music.”

New_LineBreak – “a Social Promotions Suite built for marketers.”

New_LineBreak – “Our aim is to connect musicians all around the world in online recording collaboration.”

New_LineBreak – “innovative marketing solutions to help musicians”

New_LineBreak – “Get gigs, engage fans, reach brands.”

New_LineBreak – “the world’s leading social sound platform”

New_LineBreak – “performers can broadcast LIVE and interactive experiences directly from a laptop”


Theta Music Trainer – “perfect for anybody who loves music and wants to understand it on a deeper level.”

New_LineBreak – “best way to sell your music on iTunes, Amazon, & more.”

New_LineBreak – “The marketplace for music.”

New_LineBreak – “free affordable licensed tracks.”





“A set list, or setlist, is a document that lists the songs that a band or musical artist intends to play, or has played, during a specific concert performance. Hand-written or printed, on paper, cardboard, or laminate, it is usually taped to the stage, or somewhere the musicians can see it.” – Wikipedia

___________________________________________________________________ – “The Dave Matthews Band tour almanac.”

___________________________________________________________________ – All Shows on

___________________________________________________________________ – “Setlists, photos, & songs of SCI.”


Grateful Dead Setlists – “a database of setlists for Grateful Dead concerts from 1972 to 1995”

___________________________________________________________________ – “for phans, by phans”

___________________________________________________________________ – “fansite primarily for the band, Widespread Panic”


Phantasy Tour – “Feeding the obsession.”

___________________________________________________________________ –“A searchable setlist site for thousands of artists & festivals.”

___________________________________________________________________ – “a free wiki-like service to collect and share setlists.”

___________________________________________________________________ – “Grateful Dead’s setlists for shows between 1965-1995.”


Umphrey’s McGee – “setlists going all the way back to 1998.”



Street Teams

Street Teaming

Promote and street team for your favorite bands, festivals, and venues across the country.

New_LineBreak – “premium street and viral marketing services”


FanManager – “full-service marketing powerhouse”

New_LineBreak  – “Amplify your fanbase.”

New_LineBreak  – “the leading online music marketing platform”


Street Shimon – “rewards including concert tickets, festival tickets & merch”