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Video ~ Breaks the Internet


“We just launched new Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit groups for each state, band, and festival, helping fans stay up-to-date with regional and band specific events. A new tool auto-posts to these sites, giving your trades more exposure than ever before. A simple post for a Bruce Springsteen show in New York, will auto-post to the Bruce Springsteen Facebook and Twitter groups as well as the New York Facebook and Twitter groups too. It will post to the general CashorTrade Facebook and Twitter feeds as well and finally to our new sub-reddit groups. BAM! 🙂

Click the below to watch our video and learn more about this crazy new feature.”


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Announcing iPhone App Release

From is the first social ticketing platform that encourages fans to ethically buy, sell, and trade their extra concert tickets with like-minded music lovers. Using a community-based model, the site enables users to directly connect with other fans for “face value” ticket trades, without any markup or fees.

Today announced the release of the new iPhone App, now available for FREE download. It will complement the already functional web app accessed at, but will offer lightning fast push notifications and increased user functionality.

Safer and more efficient than other ticket trading avenues, gives fans the ability to add transparency to their trades, while gaining reviews and creating trade relationships. The result is an increased chance of attending live music performances without succumbing to exorbitant fees, scams, and inflation that plague the secondary ticket market.

Also recently launched is the website redesign, which now offers city, venue, and festival pages to supplement ticket listings by performer. Localizing portions of the website will provide small venues the ability to circulate face value tickets and promote live acts within the growing community.

As part of the Gold Membership released last year, users can now utilize Trade Tracker that sends mobile notifications, tools like Suggested Trades, Repost features, Featured listings, Verified Status and much more.

Since 2009, brothers and co-founders Brando and Dusty have seen the number of registered members double each year. With over 1100 signups per month, and nearly a million dollars of transactions through the website in the last year, the value of this service is evident. In June 2014, the website experienced nearly 1 million page-views and reached 100,000 face value ticket listings. There were over 3,000 positive transaction reviews in the last month alone. CashorTrade is a free service, and does not generate revenue off of member transactions but offers a premium gold membership for $2/mo. and ad space for performers, venues and festivals.

The future is bright for CashorTrade, and Dusty and Brando are hopeful that together with this growing network they will change the landscape of the ticketing industry for the better.”

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Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail Announce Gold Membership Campaign


“Hello all. As many of you may know, we are Dusty and Brando from Vermont. In 2009 we launched in efforts to create an alternative to the deceitful practices of the ticketing industry. The CashorTrade community has become an oasis for true fans to buy, sell and trade while avoiding scalpers and exorbitant fees. Today the movement has grown to nearly 25,000 registered website members and another 30,000 across our social networks.

We see so many ways in which we could advance the program and supply more tickets to more events, yet time and money is limited. In an effort to keep CashorTrade alive and to bring it to the next level we need your help.

We are just now releasing our new Gold Membership to help fund the launch of our new trade tools. These include mobile notifications, buyer/seller protections, suggested trades and much more. Along with the gold membership tools, we are offering rewards in the form of limited edition merchandise like our CashorTrade Pin, T-Shirt, and Hat to backers of the project.”

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Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail Mobile App is Back! Mobile AppFrom Cash Or Trade

“There are big plans for CashorTrade in 2013 and mobile functionality is the first release of many to help fans embrace face value in the upcoming year. CashorTrade had a web app in 2010 that was decent, but limited. The new web app packs full website functionality into a much smaller browser. The CashorTrade web app is a lightweight, easy to use interface that scales for all devices. Enjoy the many features of CashorTrade from anywhere. From navigating the trade list, to posting a trade, to making an offer or payment, and even leaving a review…the mobile app makes it easy to turn what you have into what you want!


CashorTrade has taken the liberty to fully integrate their Store and Group features as well. “We are gearing up to better market artists in the community and their products. This is an important part of the year’s plan. Including them in the mobile app was a must,” says Brando. Also, keeping up with the exclusivity of trade groups, the group trade lists are linked right from the mobile homepage, making it now even easier to trade with those in your closest circles.


CashorTrade has partnered with 17 music websites/blogs. Each of these have installed the Trade List Widget within their site offering users more direct access to Face Value Tickets. These partner sites are linked from the app’s homepage.


Stay tuned for more! This is just the beginning. The completion of the API 2.0 is on the way. This new advancement will take CashorTrade far beyond a simple trade list widget, and finally be the full featured API they’ve dreamed about. As this is a web app now, the API 2.0 will be making way for an iPhone and Android app in the near future, opening CashorTrade up to the developer world entirely.”


Visit the web app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or any web enabled device @ Mobile App
Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail Announces NYE Ticket Giveaway


“, the official face value ticket trading community, would like to say Thank You for ‘Embracing the Face’ in 2012. To show their continued dedication and support to all who have participated, is giving away 14 tickets to 7 bands this New Year’s Eve. Join the voice and support this fair trade marketplace, the Internet’s own face value alternative. Spread the word and help the website reach 20,000 registered members. Click Here To Enter The Contest.”

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Embrace the Face! ~ Launches New Website 4.0

“CashOrTrade goes 4.0!! Thank you for embracing the face value mission! The past 3 years have been amazing. This face value community has grown to over 30,000 strong and continues to set the standard within the ticketing industry.

While this new website is undergoing changes we hope that the 4.0 framework affords us the ability to expand on all the great ideas and feedback we have gathered over the years. We have organized the website into 3 main genres; Tickets, Products, and Community. Offering face value tickets, products for cash or trade, and community posts like rides, housing, and services will make it easy to close the loop and unite this good spirited, fair trade community.

Our Trade List API integration is one of our proudest accomplishments. The CashorTrade Trade List API technology is easy to use and simple to plug into any website or blog offering a feed of CashorTrade posts in real time to your site’s visitors. View our partners.

Features under construction are our COT Storefronts and COT Groups. All members will have the ability to set up their very own COT Storefront where products and trades can be organized and searched on. COT Groups will provide you the ability to share your trades to sub-communities within the greater CashorTrade network.

We are members of, and run many face value trading groups. The Phantasy Tour Face Value Group, the CashorTrade Facebook Group and Page, our Twitter Network, the iTour Mobile App, and many other Facebook Trading networks. Giving each group an exclusive place within COT should make trading with close friends extremely easy. The texting, phone calls and email chains will be replaced with an easy to use interface.

Stay tuned as we continue to release new features. We welcome your feedback. By continuing to embrace face value we hope to restore affordable ticket prices, and renew the concept of ethical barter. We will continue to work with our legislators and provide you with the tools to become part of the process. With the new framework anything is possible, and we are dedicated to making a positive change in the industry. Thank you for your support and embracing face value.

We send a special thanks to Adam Scheinberg for all his help with this project. Thank you Adam.”

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