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Video ~ Breaks the Internet


“We just launched new Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit groups for each state, band, and festival, helping fans stay up-to-date with regional and band specific events. A new tool auto-posts to these sites, giving your trades more exposure than ever before. A simple post for a Bruce Springsteen show in New York, will auto-post to the Bruce Springsteen Facebook and Twitter groups as well as the New York Facebook and Twitter groups too. It will post to the general CashorTrade Facebook and Twitter feeds as well and finally to our new sub-reddit groups. BAM! 🙂

Click the below to watch our video and learn more about this crazy new feature.”


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It’s Here, The Grateful Dead Almanac 2015

Grateful Dead - Almanac

From The Grateful Dead

“So… anything interesting happen since the last Almanac? We kid, of course! 2015 has been among the most eventful and memorable years in the still-unfolding history of the Grateful Dead and the extended family of Dead Heads — a year that brought to a close one phase of that history, but simultaneously opened up a realm of infinite possibilities for the future; a year in which the importance and influence of the Dead was acknowledged and honored around the world, and interest in the band reached what may well be an all-time high.”

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Umphrey’s McGee Halloween Recap 2015

10/29/15 – Download UMLive

Set 1: Le Blitz > Cut the Cable, Nothing Too Fancy > Make It Right, Made to Measure > Andy’s Last Beer, Search 4, Piranhas -> Nothing Too Fancy

Set 2: JaJunk[1], Roulette > Partyin’ Peeps, Der Bluten Kat > Night Nurse > Der Bluten Kat

Encore: Gents > Booth Love

[1] with Super Mario Brothers “Underground” theme (Koji Kondo) and Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears for Fears) teases

10/30/15 – Download UMLive

Set 1: You Got the Wrong Guy > Prowler > Puppet String > White Man’s Moccasins, Intentions Clear > Educated Guess, Phil’s Farm > Puppet String

Set 2: Hurt Bird Bath > Steppin’ Razor -> Hurt Bird Bath, The Linear > Higgins, Bridgeless > Comma Later > Wappy Sprayberry[1] > Bridgeless

Encore: August

[1] with Kevin Sinclair on saxophone

10/31/15 – Download UMLive

Set 1: 1348, Example 1 > Padgett’s Profile, Much Obliged > Glory > Go to Hell, Final Word > Day Nurse > Rocker Part 2

Set 2: Mulche’s Odyssey, Resolution[1] > The Triple Wide, I Can’t Rock My Dream Face[2], Remind Me, Nopener > Sludge & Death, Nopener[3]

Encore: Den, Back In Sexual Healing[4]

[1] with Halloween theme (John Carpenter) teases
[2] debut; Can’t Feel My Face (The Weeknd) + Dreams (Fleetwood Mac) + Rock With You (Michael Jackson) mash-up
[3] “lounge” version
[4] debut; Back In Black (AC/DC) + Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye) mash-up

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Fare Thee Well Complete Box Set

Fare Thee Well - Complete Box Set

“Fare Thee Well Complete Box Set – the complete Chicago Experience with 12-CD/7-Blu-Ray or DVD. Full audio and high-definition video from all three shows on CD and Blu-Ray or DVD. Exclusive bonus disc of behind-the-scene footage. Individually numbered, limited edition of 20,000.”

The release date is set for November 20th, 2015. Pre-order the Fare Thee Well Complete Box Set at

July 3rd, 2015
Box Of Rain
Jack Straw
The Wheel
Crazy Fingers
The Music Never Stopped
Mason’s Children
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
New Potato Caboose
Playing In The Band
Let It Grow
Help On The Way
Franklin’s Tower

July 4th, 2015
Shakedown Street
Standing On The Moon
Me & My Uncle
Tennessee Jed
Cumberland Blues
Little Red Rooster
Friend Of The Devil
Bird Song
The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
Lost Sailor
Saint Of Circumstance
West L.A. Fadeaway
Foolish Heart
Stella Blue
One More Saturday Night
U.S. Blues

July 5th, 2015
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Estimated Prophet
Built To Last
Samson & Delilah
Mountains Of The Moon
Throwing Stones
Terrapin Station
Unbroken Chain
Days Between
Not Fade Away
Touch Of Grey
Attics Of My Life

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Free Download: STS9 at ArtPark 7.8.15 Live

2015.07.08 :: ArtPark :: Lewiston, NY
SET: This Us > Frequencies Peace 2 > Frequencies Peace 3, Kamuy, Oil & Water, Equinox, World Go Round, Somesing, Grow, T.W.E.L.V.E., Golden Gate, When The Dust Settles ENCORE: Life’s Sweet Breath

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Consider the Source Announce 1st Studio Release

Consider The Source

Instrumental trio Consider the Source, the planet’s preeminent Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion ensemble, has announced their first studio release in four years. The three disc collection, World War Trio, will be released separately. With their patented Middle Eastern sound and dazzling displays of furious virtuosity taking a backseat, the first of the three, “Put Another Rock in That Bag”, will debut October 31st, 2014 as an EP boasting a unique compositional approach. The second and third discs will be released as a double album in Winter 2015, but the initial EP will feature a short “Making of World War Trio” documentary with previews.

Recorded at Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY and funded by a successful Indiegogo campaign, World War Trio spans three discs and a universe of sonic territory. The compilation will be their first studio recording with drummer/percussionist Jeff Mann, whose recent addition has supercharged the band’s chemistry. The release perfectly encapsulates the trio’s masterful improvisation, frantic energy, and unique blend of progressive rock and Middle Eastern music that has brought them worldwide acclaim.

Disc one, “Put Another Rock in that Bag”, is an epic twenty-five minute work divided into six parts. Compositionally driven and showcasing their songwriting prowess, the EP is a departure from their usual style. It features a section written by Jan Zehrfeld of Panzerballett, with whom the band toured Germany and the US. Consider the Source will premiere the work on Halloween in Albany, NY with a full performance of the EP, launching a tour that will lead to the release of discs two and three in Winter 2015. This double album will highlight the multi-faceted diversity of Consider the Source, with authentic instruments from around the world, acoustic songs, ballads, and improvised pieces.

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Review ~ Phish Can Swim: Live at Northerly Island by Matt Heredos

Northerly Island 7.19.2013 
This couple weekends ago Phish returned to Chicago for their only Midwest stop of 2013 (so far at least). This entire tour has been riddled with weather issues, most notably the rescheduling of the band’s first trip to Canada in thirteen years. However, despite Mother Nature’s best efforts, the band strung together two great shows at Northerly Island, even with Friday night being cancelled shortly after the start of the second set.

It is a shame Friday could not have gone on as planned as the first set contained strong versions of multiple songs. The set included standout versions of 46 Days and Wolfman’s Brother, as well as the first version of My Soul of 2013, and another Scent of a Mule complete with a Marimba Lumina solo from Fishman. After a very intriguing Down with Disease to open up the second set, the show is called due to the severe weather that is on its way. This version of Disease will likely not receive much love due to the fact that it was the only full song of the set, but fear not, Phish always finds a way to make up for lost time, this weekend would be no different.

Highlights: 46 Days, Scent of a Mule, Down with Disease After a long night of sulking over the bummer that is a cancelled set of Phish, as well as a couple of not-so-necessary, yet still highly enjoyable hours spent in the “tunnel party” many fans awoke to the great news that Saturday’s show would be three full sets, to start “promptly” at 7:00 PM.


Northerly Island 7.20.2013
Of course, by many musicians’ standards, 7:15 is exactly what “promptly at 7:00” means. The first of three sets on this Saturday starts off with a continuation of the Prince Caspian that was cut short on Friday. While I hate to be a guy who uses the word “standard” to describe a set, this first set, while good, seems fairly standard when compared to we would hear in the two sets that followed. The first set does contain songs worth noting: One of the most upbeat and fastest paced versions of Rift in recent years, the year’s first versions of Lawn Boy, and I Didn’t Know, and perhaps a bit of a jab at many fans complaints of hearing a certain song with a combo of Ha Ha Ha -> Possum. Stand out versions of My Friend, My Friend and Kill Devil Falls keep fans dancing, and one of my personal favorite combos to end any set, Cavern -> David Bowie closes out set one.

7/20/2013 Sets 2 and 3….. I’m weary of writing too much about these sets, because it could easily happen. These last two sets of Phish’s Saturday show are a pair of sets that make you feel totally fine about sacrificing way too much of your time, money, energy…. Semi-vital organs that you sold on the black market, your dead grandfather’s priceless heirlooms you pawned off….. Yes… all of these sacrifices are now OK if you were in attendance on this night.

Back on the Train slowly creeps its way in to start the second set, and the Mike’s Groove that followed would be one for the ages. Fans have been clamoring for an extended version of Mike’s Song for some time now, and while this version doesn’t stretch the twenty minute mark as some fans have hoped for, it certainly packs much more of a punch than many versions from recent years. As the song ended and a light rain began to leak its way out, fans were treated to the first version of Theme from the Bottom wedged into a Mike’s Groove. This version saw great playing from all members with an extended jam at the end that I would have liked to see continue, however, the Weekapaug Groove that followed left very little to be complained about.

Groove has always been my absolute favorite Phish song and this version is by far the best I have personally seen. A great shredding start to the song from Trey gave way to a terrific solo from Mike and as the whole band joined in, this seven minutes version of Weekapaug totally debunked the myth that all Phish songs have to be stretched to the max to reach their full potential. The songs that wrapped up set two: Golden Age -> Waves -> Piper -> Slave to the Traffic Light were all terrific and offered fans many peaks and valleys of jamming bliss. Golden Age in particular displayed some wonderful singing from Trey. Another highlight came in the absolutely nailed intro to Piper, which will always be one of my favorite moments of any Phish song. On any night this would be an extremely solid night of music, but were not done just yet.

Many fans were hoping for a jam heavy set three and while it did not start out that way, the opening selection of Meatstick and Birds of a Feather keeps the energy high until a wonderful “breather” song in the Page sung Strange Design. Next came an odd selection for a third set in Ocelot. I can’t think of many songs that have grown more the past four years than this one. This cat definitely has grown some teeth and Chicago’s version fits perfectly in this third set, or any set for that matter.

The night wraps up with a couple of jam heavy hitters and one very intense cover. Light has become a launch-pad for Trey in recent years allowing him to take more risks in his improvisation. Fans are always going to want to see new and exciting renditions of songs and it is easy to see that these risks are paying off greatly for songs like Light. This version does not stretch to the lengths some recent ones have but when the song is this entertaining, who cares? I think many fans could enjoy their favorite band a lot more if they would just put away their stopwatches and “surrender to the flow”…. Brah.

One of the “MVP Songs” of 2013 in my opinion, Harry Hood appears next and the set is closed out with arguably the best ever version of Led Zeppelin’s Good Times Bad Times. Trey takes more risks, shreds, and fans grin from ear to ear. Another cover in the Stones’ Shine a Light puts a beautiful cap on a terrific night of music. Time for some leftover deep dish and a snooze before Chicago Phish wraps up on Sunday.

Possum (seriously), My Friend, My Friend, David Bowie, Mike’s Song > Theme from the Bottom-> Weekapaug Groove, Light, Ocelot, Good Times Bad Times


Northerly Island 7.21.2013
As amazing as night two of Chicago was, Sunday is no snoozer show by a longshot and it should not be skimmed over. A lot of fans can get annoyed with the signs that are held up. In my opinion, signs are like almost anything else in life in that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about using them. If you hold up a sign for an entire show, not only are you a moron, but the likely hood of your song ever being played on that night is quite slim. Apparently the guy up front on this night did it the “RIGHT way” with his “0-172 Dinner and a Movie” sign, so Trey dedicated the song to this sign holder and night three was underway. The typical show starter AC/DC Bag is next and as Trey keeps plucking the last note of this version of Bag, it synchs up nicely with Fishman’s drum beat as he begins Maze. I always find Maze to be a more powerful first set song and this version does not disappoint. Not so standard and well played versions of Mound and Funky Bitch come next with great singing and bass play from our favorite desert dwelling plant, get ‘em Cactus !!

Next is what will be known as the “360 Gin” from the Chairman of the Boards, Page McConnell. Before Trey starts singing this version of Bathtub Gin, Page hits every key on his whole damn rig in a hilarious fashion that gets the crowd roaring with delight. As the song ends and Wilson makes an appearance, so does the rain….again. However this time the rain does little to slow down this great show. An expected version of Water in the Sky gives way to a tremendous Boogie on Reggae Woman. The rain did not stop, but neither did the crowd’s enthusiasm. I can’t remember having more fun in the rain in my life than I did during this combo of Water & Boogie On. As Trey starts the opening chords to Run like an Antelope, Mother Nature got the best of us again… even if for just a few minutes, time for a breather, a very wet breather.

Another set for the books comes up to close out this fantastic run. A cover of The Apples in Stereo’s Energy begins this set as the band stretches out this version in which ultimately segues nicely into Ghost. One of my other “all-time favorite” Phish tunes in The Lizards is next and gives this fan all he could ask for and more, or so it seemed.

Harpua dude….. One of the most sought after songs in this bands whole catalog comes next. This version is…. as Mike put it… “Odd” to say the least. The cast of Chicago’s own “Second City” are brought on stage as they portray the exact WRONG way to hold up a sign, which ironically gets their song played this time. These “fans” on stage claim they know the “Right way” to tell the story of Harpua, which apparently is nothing more than some incoherent ramblings of Al Gore, erectile dysfunction, and of course Cats !! Mike takes over the narration portion of Harpua and, in a way, saves the song from utter and total disarray. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled to hear this song, no matter how goofy… but it was still odd…quite odd, and hey ! the storm IS finally gone !! Set two finishes with a second attempt at Run like an Antelope and this version is well worth the wait. Character Zero makes an appearance as the encore to close out a fantastic weekend of music, and rain.

Mother Nature did her best, but when Phish is playing as well as they are right now, not even she can slow down this band that has continued to progress, evolve, and still leave fans wanting more. Even though it’s only a few days removed from the Chicago run, I already can’t wait for the next one. Cheers!

Highlights: Maze, “360” Bathtub Gin, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Energy-> Ghost, Harpua (for the laughs at least), Run like an Antelope

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Interview ~ Marc Brownstein Talks Conspirator Tour & Album

Written by Matt Heredos

Marc Brownstein is one of the busiest musicians on the planet. Weather its playing five night New Year’s runs in New York City, hosting the annual Camp Bisco, or touring with one of his many side projects, Marc’s appetite for growing as musician appears to be insatiable. He is currently on tour with fellow Disco Biscuit member Aron Magner as part of Conspirator and they make their first appearance in Indianapolis this Sunday February 24th at The Vogue in Broad Ripple. The band also recently released a new EP titled ‘Unleashed’ and it’s available for download HERE.
This past week Marc took some time to answer a few questions about how this tour has been, and about some of his favorite places to play in the Midwest. 
-In general, how has this tour with Conspirator been so far? 

MB: The tour has been amazing. I’m almost forty years old. I’m going to be forty next month, and I mean it’s so amazing to be able to keep this thing going. When we got together in 2004 we didn’t expect really, to become a “band,” more of a project. We didn’t take it very seriously as far as writing new music, continuously putting out new music, we just didn’t have the time. Now that we have more time to dedicate to this we’ve been able to visit a million new places which is really exciting.  

We’ve never played Indianapolis as far as I know, I know we played Bloomington once. We’ve been able to come out more and more and now were making our third trip to Minneapolis, fifth or sixth trip to Chicago, second to Grand Rapids, and it seems to create this ripple affect where maybe one show you go to there’s 200 people, next time 400. You just see it double out and double out, it’s just been amazing the whole thing.  Going along with Break Science, they bring a whole lot to the table too, a lot of fans.  

We’re on tour with really great people. People who are inspiring to us as musicians and you know that’s what you want. You want to surround yourself with people that will make you a better person, better musician, better producer, all of that. I think besides a couple dates in the deep south we’ve never been to before, we’ve had a whole lot of packed houses. 

-One thing that comes with newer bands or projects is playing in smaller venues. As someone who has played at venues the size of Red Rocks, what are some of the things you like and dislike about smaller venues ? 

MB: Well, what’s been nice this time (tour) is that we have the luxury of playing amphitheaters and arenas throughout the course of the year. And, it’s not really an ego thing now. We can come back around having been successful before and to be able to enjoy what’s great about it, rather than always wanting to be bigger.  

The first times it’s always about wanting to get out of clubs, coveting thy neighbor, it was about always wanting to be bigger, more successful, and now you come back and you’re in small clubs and the energy, being able to control this energy with just 200 other people is pretty cool. Learning how to control the energy of various sized crowds has been something fun to discover.  

One of the things though, sometimes the stage can be a little too small in smaller venues. Sometimes you wish you had a little more space to spread out, but even so, some of these smaller clubs still have exceptional setups, small theater type settings that are wonderful to play in. 

-If you had to pick your favorite place you’ve ever performed at, what would it be? 

MB: Well, how can you really do that? I mean we played in Mexico on the night the Mayan calendar came to an end, but is that better than playing at Red Rocks? 

-What about some of your favorite places to play at in the Midwest? 

MB: Deer Creek was pretty cool. It was really awesome, we played there the first night of the Identity tour and it wasn’t packed or anything, but still an amazing place to play. Oh! There’s a little amphitheater in Indianapolis that was one of my favorite little amphitheaters to play, on the White River? 

-Yes, the Lawn at White River State Park

MB: Ah, yes… Incredible venue. Had a headliner tour go through there once, great place. But, is that any better than the House of Blues in Chicago? Ya know? 

-I bring up Midwest venues because the first time I ever saw you perform was at one of my favorite places in the world, the Rothbury Festival in Michigan in 2008. How was performing at that festival?

MB: “Rothbury was just ridiculous, in the best way possible. For me it was more about getting off the stage, being able to walk through the forest, that’s what was special about that place. They just have it set up to where it’s just like, a magical wonderland. The stages, the lights, and the field are great but really they’re no better than what goes on at Camp Bisco, but what Rothbury did in that forest, the quote on quote “Electric Forest,” if you will, isn’t being done anywhere else outside of the Fuji Rock festival, which is where I feel like a lot of the inspiration for Rothbury’s setup came from.  

You wanna talk about great places to play, Fuji Rock was over the top, one of the best festivals I’ve ever played at. But yea, Rothbury, Double JJ Ranch, can’t beat it. Just year after year, whether it’s with the Biscuits, Conspirator, this year with Suckerpunch, and hopefully next year swing back around and bring the Biscuits back, or Conspirator, either one. You just have to be there.”

Conspirator’s tour ends this Sunday in Indy and after a short break they head out west for a short run in Colorado and California. Marc will also be doing a handful of shows with his other project Suckerpunch, most notably at the Electric Forest festival in Rothbury Michigan June 27-30th along with three nights of the String Cheese Incident.

The annual Camp Bisco also recently announced arguably it’s best lineup to date. With three nights of The Disco Biscuits, as well as performances by STS9, Bassnectar, Passion Pit, Animal Collective, Umphrey’s Mcgee, along with dozens more at the Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville New York, July 11-13th. 

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Show Review ~ Phish NYC Review 2012 by Matt Heredos

Whenever you go to a city like New York, NY for New Year’s Eve, you’re going to run into a wide variety of people. Some of these people will tell you all you want to hear if you let them. This past New Years I ran into a guy that told me about his journey to live the high life. He told me that nothing, no sporting event, Las Vegas gambling adventure, no Rocky Mountain climb, no cruise of the Caribbean could compare to ending his year with 20,000 of his closest friends and his favorite band, in New York City.

This was the third consecutive year Phish ended their year in New York at Madison Square Garden. After a widely regarded subpar 2011 performance at MSG, hopes were high for a redemption run this year at the Garden. Fans were riding high after a terrific run over Labor Day weekend in Colorado to close out the 2012 summer tour. With expectations higher than they have been in years, this year’s run at MSG did not disappoint and reaffirmed that this band has plenty left in the tank for their 30th year in 2013.
The four night run began on Friday the 28th with an incredibly eager crowd packing MSG. Of all the shows I have seen of numerous bands, these four shows easily contained the most energetic and positively vibed crowd I’ve been a part of, whatever that means.
The nights first set began with the Joy tune Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan. The majority of the set stays in “safe”, but well played, territory, until the monster Wolfman’s Brother to close the set, filled with a brief section of The Little Drummer Boy.
The second set of 12/28 left me extremely excited for what was to come for the rest of the weekend as it is arguably the best set of the entire run. The set begins with a Tweezer stretching over twenty minutes that is engaging from start to finish. Don’t miss this one. The Maze and Twist that follow are both very well played and we have more of Fish Ba rum pum pum pumming on his drum. Two very well played versions of Fluffhead and David Bowie close out this six song set. A short but sweet encore of Bouncing Around the Room and Zeppelin’s Good Times Bad Times close out night one at MSG, with Tweeprise interestingly enough still on the table.
Night two at MSG opened with an appropriate Crowd Control. After night ones amazing second set, hopes were high for more of the same. This night’s first set was fairly “par” for the course, (awful pun intended) with huge ovations during Reba that would put even the most jaded fan in good spirits. A Bathtub Gin with “Suzy Q” quotes from Fishman and great playing from Trey closes out the set.
One of the summer’s go to jam heavy openers, T.V. on the Radio’s Golden Age, opened up set two. This version is extremely well-played and moves into dark and funky jam territory before transitioning into Waves. These two songs provide the jam craving fan with plenty to mull over. The rest of the set focuses on short but sweet rockers with Bug sandwiched nicely in the middle. A pair of high energy tunes, Cavern and 46 Days close out a set that is anything but “par.” An encore of The Squirming Coil, Grind, and First Tube put the exclamation point on another great night in NYC.
The 30th of December has long been viewed as the night for the fans. Phish has had numerous great performances on this date aside from 2011’s less than inspired performance. Two great nights were in the books already, and on the 30th this time around, they did not disappoint. Nearly every song from the first set is exceptionally played including a well-placed Divided Sky, and a standout version of Ya Mar with Mike showing us some fantastic playing in the outro of the song. The heavy hitters My Friend, My Friend, and Run Like an Antelope close out “the fans” first set.
Set two. Woah. Along with set two of 12/28, set two of the 30th is easily one of the best sets of Phish I have ever seen, let alone this New Year’s run. Down with Disease opening a second set is always a good thing. And when it is followed up by an even more impressive jam filled Carini, thirty five minutes of Woah. To put it simply and immaturely, this Carini is super tits…. A personal favorite, Slave to the Traffic Light, closes another terrific set at the Garden. An encore I’ll take any show, Harry Hood, closes out the 30th, along with Show of Life, sweet. Now it’s on to the best night of the year.
One of the big reasons I love this band is their humor. Ricky Nelson’s Garden Party starts things off in the most hilariously fitting way possible; a song about Nelson playing his new material at the Garden only to be booed off stage. Perfect. The first set doesn’t venture too far off the beaten path, but stays the course of the previous three nights as everything is well played.
Set two starts off strong with perhaps a tease as to what is to come in set three, Birds of a Feather. Next, and for the third straight year in set two of 12/31, is Ghost. While this version doesn’t quite reach the levels of 12/31/10’s, it warrants a re-listen or two. The Piper that follows is the jam of the night by far; another moment of WOAH. Set two closes with a fairly standard, but highly entertaining nonetheless, You Enjoy Myself. Set two, Fin.
Well, it’s here. Time for what makes this band, this band: weird, goofy, funny, and creative hilariousness, on New Year’s Eve. It’s Party Time!! Or, in this case perhaps, it’s “Par-Tee” time. Then, it’s time to get weird. Kung creeps its way in and for most fans, the cat is out of the bag, time to stage a runaway golf cart marathon!! STAND UP! The music behind this marathon? A very well placed, and played, Chalk Dust Torture. Once the marathon is over, so is 2012, Cheers. After a nice take on Auld Lang Syne by Trey, we hear the loudest thing I have ever heard. Videos online do not do it justice, this Tweezer Reprise, complete with VERY loud backup singers, is off the charts, and the energy is through the roof. Happy 2013, hope your ears still work.
The next FOUR!! songs after Tweeprise are all very well played golfed theme songs, including the band’s first take on Fly like an Eagle and an extended version of The Wedge. After the brakes were pumped post-midnight at last year’s MSG run, it was great to see the band push on late into the night. A barbershop rendition of Lawn Boy ends set three of New Year’s Eve, hugs and smiles all around.
After a brief break, the band closes the book on 2012 with two more golf themed songs in Driver and the band’s first full rendition of Black Sabbath’s Iron Man with The Chairman of the Boards on vocals. The Chairman informed us that we had just begun Phish’s 30th year of existence, the crowd responded with the second loudest thing I’ve ever heard. Here’s to another thirty years.
Even with some of the most critical fans in music, or any form of art for that matter, Phish continues to bring nothing but great times for anyone willing to share in the groove. After a week of thought, I think it’s safe to say this redemption run at Madison Square Garden was just that, and I can’t wait for the next garden party.

Show Highlights:

Set I: Wolfman’s Brother -> The Little Drummer Boy-> Wolfman’s Brother
Set II: Listen to the whole damn set, dozens of times
Set I: Garden Party, purely because it is so fitting

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Festival Review ~ New Vrindaban Festival of Colors 2012 by Ryan Neeley

Words and Photos by Ryan Neeley

When it comes to unrestrained celebration, the devotees at New Vrindaban’s Palace of Gold in the hills of northern West Virginia really know how to throw a party.

About 1,000 people attended the Festival of Colors, also known as Holi, a festival celebrated by Hindus in India and throughout the world as a “celebration of life.” As part of the celebration, participants throw colored, scented powder at each other and in the air, showering all of the participants in a blanket of color.

According to Vrindavana Das, the festival organizer, “Although it has a root in religion, the festival is not a religious festival, but a festival for everyone – all classes of people from different backgrounds are invited to join us in this celebration of life.” “It’s a festival for people who want to enjoy their life and share love for each other.”

As my family and I made our way into the event, we were greeted by a sea of humanity smeared in the colors of the rainbow. My son immediately grabbed a bag of colored powder and went to work bombarding everyone around. We made our way to the stage area, where the bands were playing, and as I scanned the crowd, I noticed that it was a delightful mix of young and old, the rich and not-so-rich, hippies and yuppies, devotees and non-devotees, all laughing and smiling while dancing to the music.

And the bands really delivered to the audience, which could have been difficult due to the wide range of tastes and age groups present. Unfortunately, we missed the first two acts of the afternoon, local group Triadelphia and TK and the Namrock Band, but I heard that they really got the crowd grooving.

We were able to catch Jai Krishna and the Ananda Groove, a Utah group that has done “the past 10-12 festivals in Utah,” according to their lead vocalist and namesake Jai Krishna. “The festival in the U.S. started in Utah, and we had about 300 people the first year, 1,000 the next, and now we have 80,000+ participating.”

Seeing this group play was a very unique experience, with bagpipes, bamboo flutes, chanting, washboards, and just about anything else that made noise becoming an instrument for them to experiment with, much to the delight of the crowd. Not to mention that they have such a calming, peaceful aura about them that rubs off on those around them.

The next band to hit the stage was the up-and-coming Wheeling-area jamband KR-3 – Tim Boyd (lead/vocals – formerly of The Trainjumpers), Eric Stone (drums),Alex Wodarski (bass), and Travis Hoard (keys) –KR-3 has been in existence since 2004, but the band took it’s current form in January of 2012 when Hoard and Wodarski joined the KR-3 team, “and we embraced the jamband scene, as that’s where our music was taking us,” said Boyd in a recent phone interview. “The jamband fans don’t seem to analyze everything as much, and are willing to just cut loose and have fun with the band instead of standing in a corner with the arms folded, analyzing each note.”

And the crowd , painted in colors and dripping with sweat from dancing, seemed to agree, digging the group’s extended psychedelic guitar licks and lyrics with actual substance. Be on the lookout for a release coming from KR-3 soon, called Fractures and Sparks. “It really reflects where we are currently as a band,” Boyd added.

The devotees at New Vrindaban did a fantastic job organizing this event, the first of its kind in the Eastern US, with exotic food, beautiful surroundings, and most of all ACCEPTANCE, a virtue not normally witnessed enough in some religions today. My family and I learned a great deal about their culture, and had a great time doing so, and look forward to coming back year after year to “celebrate life” in this special way.

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