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New Album from String Cheese Incident ‘Believe’

String Cheese Incident - Believe

From String Cheese Incident

“The String Cheese Incident & SCI Fidelity Records are pleased to announce the release of Believe, the 10th studio album from SCI, due out in 2017. Following the release of Song In My Head in 2014, the band once again enlisted the help of producer Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads). The new album of SCI originals was recorded and produced in the newly founded “Sound Lab”, a hybrid recording studio and band hangout in Colorado. ”

“In anticipation of Believe, SCI has teamed up with PledgeMusic to offer fans access to exclusive bonus content and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the record, as well as limited edition items and VIP experiences available only to “pledgers” who pre-order the record. Visit for more info.”


Video ~ Umphrey’s McGee: Making of ‘Safety In Numbers’

From Umphrey’s McGee

“A behind the scenes look, shot in late 2005 & early 2006, this documentary was originally released in 4 parts over a decade ago. This is the full piece in its entirety without any edits, reissued to celebrate the 10 year remastered edition of SIN:”

Video Credits:
Produced by Umphrey’s McGee
Directed/Edited by Chad Ericksen
Photography by Brett Saul
Storm Thorgerson Interview by Steen Brix Eriksen

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Trailer ~ Festival – A Documentary

“When 100,000 people descend on a music festival, what stories do they bring with them?

SARA, 22
Sara is an aspiring photographer and sometimes server that’s always in search of her next adventure. She’s prone to taking leaps no matter what the cost, and her infectious passion trumps all else. Wherever she’s headed, you hope she’s asks you to join.

Kenneth “Cobweb” Griffin was a dope MC. He probably still is. But he’s also a dope suburban Dad with an adorable daughter and a prestigious day job. You think you know a lot about hip-hop? You won’t after you listen to Kenneth for five minutes.

When Travis was in high school, he checked into the hospital for a routine back procedure. He left in a wheelchair, paralyzed by a surgical error. He now devotes himself to his studies, live music, and poetry, emanating more swagger than his able-bodied friends combined.

JILL, 27
When you picture the kind of twenty something that dedicates their life to attending festivals, you picture Jill & her friends. Flat brims, tie-dye rave gear, and a desire to find higher meaning in their festival-going hobby. But Jill’s a recovering heroin addict, and it’s her attendance at EDM-heavy festivals that keep her sober. It’s as counter-intuitive as it sounds.

Austin once looked the part of a foolish festival kid, backpack seemingly full of drugs and a presumed disregard for the reality of any potential consequence. But he knows. He served 3 years for refusing to give up his acid supplier after falling in a sting operation. And it only got worse. But now Austin’s out, sober, healing himself and those like him by producing the same events he used to cruise as a dealer.

Barbara’s from Poland, by way of Munich, where she developed her devotion to electronic music. In choosing a US destination where she could immerse herself in the English language, Barbara chose Chicago for its place in house music history. She hasn’t left, embracing a message board community of like-minded disciples that serves as her only social link to the city she lives in.

Possibly the most mature 22-year-old music nerd you’ll ever meet. An upwardly mobile young professional and proud of it. When she’s not commuting to her B2B Sales job, she’s meticulously planning her festival summer schedule. Every fest season, she hosts a group of friends on her living room floor, playing scout mom, planning meals and determining the perfect combination of sets to attend.”

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Video ~ Papadosio Kickstarter ‘Extras in a Movie’

From Papadosio
“Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Papadosio Kickstarter. We have been hard at work in the studio creating our fourth full length studio LP and we need your help putting on the finishing touches. We are offering a multitude of unique rewards for all of our fans! So go check it out and have an awesome day!

Check out the Kickstarter Now –

Since the release of our last album To End the Illusion of Separation (T.E.T.I.O.S.), life has been nothing short of a rip-roaring ride through time and space. With hundreds of shows, and tens of thousands of miles under our belts, we decided to kick off 2015 by retreating to the quietness of the woods and snow in order to finally record our 4th full-length studio LP.

Unlike all previous albums, the tracks set aside for this release have never been heard. We felt it was time to not simply release yet another compilation of songs we had debuted live, but rather, take the time to craft and curate an expansive collection of music that was written over the course of 2 years and recorded in 2 months in a studio we put together outside of Asheville, NC. Now, thanks to Kickstarter – our friends and fans have a unique opportunity to be a part of the final stages of production of the release, which will include a host of music videos as well as new platforms for listening including our first ever vinyl pressing.

As the project unfolds, the goal is to not only to meet these new benchmarks of one-of-a-kind memorabilia to commemorate this amazing moment in our journey as a band, but also effectively facilitate an independent, world-wide release of this deep-space exploration of art and sound. This piece marks the pinnacle of 9 years of incredibly hard work, touring and dedication and to have it backed by our amazing and ever-growing fan-base whose love and support has continued to make all this possible is a dream come true. Technologically and philosophically speaking, it’s clear that there’s no better way at this time to share this effort with world than through each other. At the minimum it serves as a reminder of how much we are capable of, and at the maximum – time will tell.

We are so incredibly excited to add this album to the Papadosio collection. We cannot ever thank you all enough for everything you have done for us and we’ll see you on the other side.”


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Video ~ Railroad Earth “Live at Red Rocks” DVD Trailer

From Railroad Earth
“The full uncut sold out performance from Red Rocks 8/2/14 captured on video and in 5.1 surround sound, all on the first Railroad Earth DVD release ever! Almost 3 hours of footage shot by our friends at NoCoast is included, along with audio mixed by Jon Altschiller. It was a special night for the band and we’re very excited to be able to share it with everyone again.

Railroad Earth Live at Red Rocks will be released officially on 1/21/15, but starting today and until that date, we are offering it for a discounted price and the added bonus of an MP3 download of the show, newly remixed and remastered. See for more information and to place your pre order. Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to get not only the DVD but a download of the show as well for one price!”

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Video ~ Lotus ‘Gilded Age’ Album Preview

“When Mark Twain coined the term “The Gilded Age” he was describing the Reconstruction Era’s thin veneer that masked substantial social struggle. Nostalgia is like the gilded age of memory. It’s easy for the mind to increase the former glory, the perfect sheen, the once timelessness of present-day ruins.

On this album we wanted to occupy that powerful place of the human mind, the mental eye that can see erosion and cracks and envision a palace. We focused primarily on simple organic instruments: drum, bass, guitar, piano, percussion, played live in a room. The overall mood is one of reflective happiness, the joy of the impermanent, nostalgia of halcyon days.
Album Releases July 22nd, 2014

Remixes from four superb down-tempo electronic producers take the nostalgia into deeper realms. The place where the brain starts reflecting on reflections and mixing together dreams and realities. Welcome to the Gilded Age.”

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Video ~ Inside the studio with SCI – “So Far From Home”


“The String Cheese Incident celebrates 20 years as a band with the release of their first new studio album in nine years. The Colorado group arrives at a new chapter in their impressively storied history with “Song In My Head” (April 29, 2014), an album they recorded with Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) in their hometown of Boulder, CO.”