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Musician Resources

Musician Resources

Check out theses resources and tools from the web to help you and your band get more gigs, sell more albums, and improve your online presence.

New_LineBreak – “Sell your music & merch directly to your fans.”


Big Cartel – “Big Cartel is a simple shopping cart for artists. “

New_LineBreak – “The best independent music store on the web.”


Future of Music Coalition – “Education, Research and Advocacy for Musicians”

New_LineBreak – “helps you reach new people on Facebook and Twitter Free.”


iTunes – “control a catalog of content for digital distribution.”


Moozar – “the way to (financially) “reward” artists online.”

New_LineBreak – “a site that lists current opportunities for musicians.”

New_LineBreak – “Help musicians get better, deals, & fans.”

New_LineBreak – “marketing and promotional service tool for musicians”

New_LineBreak – “Get exposure building your fan base and selling music.”

New_LineBreak – “a Social Promotions Suite built for marketers.”

New_LineBreak – “Our aim is to connect musicians all around the world in online recording collaboration.”

New_LineBreak – “innovative marketing solutions to help musicians”

New_LineBreak – “Get gigs, engage fans, reach brands.”

New_LineBreak – “the world’s leading social sound platform”

New_LineBreak – “performers can broadcast LIVE and interactive experiences directly from a laptop”


Theta Music Trainer – “perfect for anybody who loves music and wants to understand it on a deeper level.”

New_LineBreak – “best way to sell your music on iTunes, Amazon, & more.”

New_LineBreak – “The marketplace for music.”

New_LineBreak – “free affordable licensed tracks.”