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Emancipator: Nevergreen

From Emancipator – Nevergreen

“Emancipator’s music can not be described by just one word.

This video – the very first Emancipator’s official video – was meant to be an experiment. Can the beauty of music match and – once again – combine totally random shots into a unity? Can we mix all those elements into one?

We’d like to think that the experiment was succesful. That it touches your heart and maybe makes you a little bit sad but extremely joyfull the very next moment.”

Websites & Links: | Video from Łukasz Pytlik on Vimeo


Reverse Psychology

“There are two sides to every coin, and we all know two wrongs don’t make a right but somehow when it comes to filming a video in reverse then reversing it, it makes total sense? Confused? Watch the video to get a better idea. If you still don’t understand, I can only suggest to try and watch it in reverse?!”

The reverse side also has a reverse side. -Japanese proverb.

Websites & Links: Video from ABOVE | Vimeo

Lucid House June 2009

“Eye scorching, ear splitting audiovisual mix-up inspired by the electronic music phenomena and today’s epileptic media bombardment. A wandering dreamy chronicle of flickering, mood phasing colour bursts and surreal opiate-like visions blurring the line between analogue and digital. A no holds barred sampling of films, tv, ads, the web, street art and ordinary everyday objects, layering and coaxing these diverse, contradictory samples into ghosts of their former selves. Early man stared into the primordial fires, gazing deeply into those shape-shifting flames. Hopefully this piece can touch on that hypnotic state and inspire some creative occurrence.” Audio & Visual mix by: Morris La Mantia [Lucid house]

Film Samples:
A Man Called Horse (1970)
Cinema Paradiso (1988)
El Cid (1961)
Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)
Frankie & Johnny (1966)
Gattaca (1997)
Genghis Khan (1965)
In the Mood for Love (2000)
Jumanji (1995)
Lover Come Back (1961)
Monkey Business (1952)
Power Rangers
Scandal (1989)
Stigmata (1999)
The Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)
The Green Hornet (1966)
The lawnmower Man (1992)

Music – In order of Play:
Lucas Tesselhoff – Body’s Perfect
Tom Clark & Daniel Dreier – Smells Like
Cloud – Carbondub
Krushed & Sorted-Interlude 1
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Websites & Links: | Video from lucidhouse | Vimeo