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Concert & Festival Videos

Concert and Festival Videos


Here are the best videographers, websites, and media companies producing and streaming live concert footage.

Austin City Limits TV – “live concerts from many of the world’s most acclaimed, accomplished and pioneering talent.”

Beat-Club – “Unforgettable hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.”

Camp Bisco (Vimeo) – “Festival footage from Camp Bisco!”

Concert TV – “an on demand music video service dedicated to delivering the most exhilarating concerts featuring the most well-known bands and artists.”

Dave Matthews Band (Hulu) – “A collection of music videos & live performances from the Dave Matthews Band.” – “Re-Experience the music.”

HiddenRelicJamz – “Videos from local Midwest musicians.”

iClips Network – “live concert broadcasts, archived concerts from all your favorite artists, original web shows, and more.”

JAH Phone – “Jam blog run from a phone.”

MyTallTripod – “We aim to provide High Quality Videos for your enjoyment.”

Nugs.TV – “delivers live music and video downloads, CDs,DVDs, Blu-Rays, and pay-per-view webcasts for over 1,000 artists”

NoCoast.TV – “We document life with a unique artistic eye. Let us tell your story.” – “LiveStreaming Phish & Phish videos.”

Rage View Studios – “Ragin videos for your viewing pleasure.”

RecTV – “REC TV is a channel to view for FREE HD Videos.”

Rex-A-Vision – “Waaay better than reality!”

Staunchy  – “Videos by Jeremy Sewell.”

TourGigs – “an in-house production and distribution company that makes live concert videos available for purchase within days of the actual filming.”

YouTube – Music Discovery Project – A new YouTube music discovery project that lets you explore new music by just searching for an artist.