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The Blast Off Preview

Preview by Elle Fassler
Cirque Du Womp is producing a mind-blowing event that is set for June 17th through the 19th in Western Ohio at Zane Shawnee Caverns Indian Reservation and Southwind Park. The exact location of The Blastoff Festival is: 7092 State Route 540Bellefontaine OH, 43311

The producers of The Blastoff Festival, Cirque Du Womp are an artist collective and a production company that has been aspiring and creating events for nearly 2 years in Detroit and the surrounding college town areas. For the past year they have been planning and saving money for the production of their first music and arts festival. The Festival Director, Angela Palaian says, “We were allowed to really dream BIG, the way we always wanted to for the first time ever.”

The Blastoff will feature music from a variety of genres, unique and diverse performances and art installation. The line-up consists of Ana Sia | Archnemesis | Bass Science | Binary Star | Brainchild | Brothers Past | Covert | Dank Sinatra | Dixon’s Violin | Drchandt | DukTap | Elemental Groove Theory | Eliot Lipp | EP3 | EPROM | Freddy Todd | Heyoka | I Love Dinosaurs | Jaws That Bite | Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas | K@DOG | MC Sparkplug | Mimosa | Mochipet | NastyNasty | Noah D | Nosaj Thing + Live Visual Set | Ott | Phutureprimitive | POPSH!T | Shadow Attack | Sheepdog | Sista Otis | SuperDre | The Malah | The Muggs | The Satin Peaces | The Sunburns | The Werks | Tiny Miles & The Big Kids | Tipper | Vibesquad | Zoogma.

“Blast-Off festival is def one of the best line up’s of the summer. I like that they weren’t afraid to be original you know… I’m really grateful to be a part of such an amazing event. This Caliber of Musicianship in one area is breathtaking. So far everyone I’ve talked to about our set is super stoked,” says Patrick Scalambrino from the band EP3.

More exotic features are included in this event like 3 dimensional string art playgrounds, teepee hideaway huts, free form nature walks, a sold selection of workshops, an artist panel discussion, community building exercises, drum circle bonfires and K@DOG and his Cirque du Womp freakshow. A feature that makes this event stick-out is the festival ground sits atop a nationally recognized Bat Cave, that you can take tours in during the festival. Cirque du Womp realizes how important it is to have more than music at the festival event.

“I think people will not be able to wipe the smile off their faces…I think people will run, jump, dance, swim in the pond…get lost in our sacred forests, meet new friends deep in the woods within our galactic temple…there is nothing about this festival that we as producers and performers and festival goers ourselves are not proud

of,” says Palaian.

The Festival Director, Palaian emphasized how “there are many talented people involved with The Blastoff Festival” like her main partner Scott Sutterfield, who is the Creative Director of the festival. Palaian says her sisters play a large role in the events Cirque du Womp produces, and the street teamers, who get the word out on the festival.

As an artist collective based, Cirque du Womp values environment and freedom over sponsorship and time-constraints, and created The Blastoff Festival campout extravaganza with all of this is mind. Palaian wants to encourage people headed to The Blastoff Festival this weekend, that it is all about meeting new faces, while staying focused on the music, the workshops, the art and the vibrations. “Time will fly, see and appreciate all that you can!”

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