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Recaps of Past Festivals

Video ~ Lightning in a Bottle 2012 Timelapse by Aaron Rogosin presented by The Do LaB


“Southern California’s beloved art and music festival Lightning in a Bottle is getting a new home this year. The Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved the application for Lake Skinner County Park to host The Do LaB’s famed sustainability music festival, which will run for its eighth year from July 11 to July 15, 2013.

Previously held during Memorial Day Weekend at Orange County’s Oak Canyon Park, the annual four day festival was prompted to find a new location when new zoning resulted in the park bordering Conservancy-owned land, forcing out all large-scale music festivals. The Orange County Fire and Sheriff’s Department provided letters of recommendation to assist the festival in securing its new location.

Lake Skinner County Park is a hidden gem of Temecula in Southern California that The Do LaB feels fortunate to have found for their long term plans. The new site, which sits on a peninsula next to the lake, will expand the capacity of the event to 15,000 participants as well as provide more facilities like full RV hook-ups, while yielding the same natural beauty and open space that made previous festivals so well received. Besides the beautiful view, the new location is also more compact, making the grounds easier to navigate and providing for a more comfortable camping experience.

An amazing lineup of music, speakers, workshops, and performance art is in the works and will be announced on April 23, 2013. The festival will once again feature three main stages for music and performance art along with multiple smaller stages and interactive areas spread throughout the festival grounds for participants to explore and discover workshops, speakers, and intimate music sessions. These smaller stages and interactive areas will also keep the festivities going all night long after the main stages close each night. To beat the heat, there will be daytime water areas and features planned to keep participants cool, similar to The Do LaB’s Oasis stage at Coachella.

Pre-sale tickets go on sale for 48 hours beginning Tuesday, February 12th at 10am PST via Lightning in a Bottle’s website. Regular ticket sales will begin on March 18, 2013.”

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Video ~ Fletch Fest

“The main objective of this event is to support our local area and all the good that comes out of it. We support local music, local art, local farms, local business, local economy and local sustainability. This event began in August of 2011 with the wedding plans of a Forestport, NY couple, Stephen and Kellie Fletcher, who instead of a traditional reception, decided to organize an open to the public three day music festival in celebration of all the friends, family, fellow musicians, artists and community that supported them along the way.

The result was outstanding. More than 20 local bands and musicians such as SLUG, Funktional Flow, The Crazy Fools, Suns of the Empire and so many more came out and volunteered their time and talent to make the weekend special. In the months after the memorable event, the buzz kept going for many of the local bands involved and they continued to get exposure through pictures, video and audio recordings as well as through fondly recalled stories told by guests of the festival.

This inspired the Forestport couple, to not only organize the event again the following year, but to put the focus on the local community that truly created it. The idea of Fletch Fest 2012 and its mission was an inspiration to many who shared the couple’s motivation for the cause. The festival was hosted by the local band SLUG who was joined by many local acts such as Acoustically Speaking, Sassafrass Jenkins, Waydown Wailers and BADDOGG.

The featured act of the weekend was an explosive finale by the legendary ‘New Riders of the Purple Sage’ who came out from southern California to help support the cause. Many artisans and businesses from throughout the Central New York area also got involved and supported the event. With such great post-event feedback, the event was declared a success and ideas and dreams began to form for Fletch Fest 2013.”

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Video ~ The Great Convergence Winter Solstice 2012

From The Do LaB

The Do LaB teamed up with GoPro to create a stunning ode to the ancient civilizations of Egypt through a time lapsed recap of The Great Convergence festival. Set at the foot of the Giza pyramids and along the banks of the Nile River, this gathering sought to celebrate life and the resetting of the 26,000 year cyclic calendar which came to pass on the Winter Solstice 2012.

The Great Convergence featured top Egyptian acts including the renowned Sufi dance group, Al-Tannoura Whirling Dervishes, and a selection of top electronic music producers and DJ’s from around the the world including headliners Beats Antique, Apparat, Random Rab, Bluetech, Gaudi, Govinda, Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, DJ Dragonfly, and Imagika Om.

Additionally, the festival boasted panels and workshops with various experts including Carmen Boulter of The Pyramid Code, renowned geologist Robert Schoch, along with several local Egyptologists to discuss the mysteries of the pyramids and the secrets of the ages.
The action prone versatility of GoPro made a perfect match for the awe-inspiring energy which surrounded this event. By capturing these images with utmost quality and presenting them in a controlled storm of forward seeking motion, the scenes which moved the participants of this festival towards introspection can be experienced by all. Through the tiny, yet crisp lens of a GoPro camera, anyone can dive into the historical importance of the Egyptian landscape and the wonders that were had.

A forthcoming documentary on The Great Convergence will be released later in 2013. Shot, produced and edited (as with this GoPro video) by The Confluence — an LA based Media and Production firm.
While positioned in the wake of the political turbulence that currently defines Egypt, this experiential event (and forthcoming film) transcend the media’s stranglehold on the issue and aims a much needed source of hope and rejuvenation directed toward the site of Earth’s first high culture, Egypt.
Based in Los Angeles, The Do LaB’s mission is to create experience as art and bring communities together. They are best known for their creative stages at Coachella and their signature West Coast festival, Lightning in a Bottle, which achieves a unique atmosphere that focuses on art, spiritual well-being, and sustainability as much as it does on top talent and music. The Great Convergence was The Do LaB’s effort at creating a gathering of a lifetime to mark the pivotal Winter 2012 solstice against an amazing ancient backdrop.

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Video: Umphrey’s McGee – sUMmer School 2012 Recap

From UMVideo

“sUMmer school 2012 is an unforgettable week long music camp in the Catskills where Umphrey’s McGee pulls back the curtain to reveal details on songwriting, improvisational techniques, gear, business, marketing and more. Join UM for sUMmer school 2013.”

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